Birmingham Recycling Plant Prosecuted for Worker’s Broken Arm

Hawkeswood Metal Recycling , a scrap metal recycling firm, is likely to be ordered to pay ample fines by Birmingham Crown Court following an incident where a worker’s arm was caught in a piece of machinery at their factory in Birmingham. The worker in question, Ansumana Jammeh suffered, a broken arm when his right arm was trapped between a conveyor belt and a piece of equipment at the plant which is located in Aston Church Road, Nechells.

The unfortunate accident happened when Mr Jammeh was in the midst of sorting scrap metal when a piece of metal fell in between the roller and the belt, which subsequently caused the belt to bob up and down. He first attempted to remove this metal with the end of a mop and when that was not successful, he reached in to remove it with his hand.

However, his hand was subsequently trapped in the mechanism and he was unable to reach the machine’s emergency stop button. His co-workers did not immediately notice what had happened so it was several minutes before help was sought for Mr Jammeh. A protective guard should have been covering the machinery according to the law, however there was not one.

Mr Jammeh had been employed by the firm for six months was awarded an undisclosed amount of compensation from Hawkeswood Metal Recycling. Wayne Hawkeswood pleaded admitted guilt on account of the company to one charge of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Regan Peggs, the defending solicitor, said that since the unfortunate occurrence, the company had obtained newer and safer equipment to replace the old unsafe machinery and the company had gone “above and beyond” what the Health and Safety Executive had recommended.  Birmingham Magistrates Court adjourned the case for sentencing at Birmingham Crown Court on July 26.