Importance of Implementing Health and Safety in Warehouses

The essential factors for the smooth operation of every warehouse are health and safety.  As the manufacturing industry grows rapidly, these two factors face constant challenges in terms of warehouses. Thus, every airport management should possess a systematic warehouse safety strategy for the well-being of industry.  The creation and implementation of a safety management system is therefore a necessity in every warehouse.

Throughout the years, the economic practices of the warehouse system were regulated.  At one time, warehouses airlines were placed under control of governments to regulate service, entry and exit points, and health and safety regulations.

In the United Kingdom, a recent accident, which resulted to fracturing the pelvis of the victim and crushing his vertebra from a fall, has showed the importance of planning and supervision in warehouse settings.  This accident has put emphasis for the need of companies to ensure health and safety measures in warehouses specifically when employees are at work.

Warehouses should always consider having a detailed and concise risk assessment prior to giving tasks to a specific worker.  It is important for companies to ensure that employees are able to access health and safety tools and move around in warehouses without the risk of accidents, injuries, and even deaths.  For instance, tower scaffolds are the most common means of access in various areas of a warehouse.  Therefore, company owners should ensure that these scaffolds are always working properly to prevent employees from injuring themselves.

In addition, companies should hire warehouse workers who are qualified for specific jobs.  If a new task is at hand, it is important to provide workers with proper knowledge and training about the job.

Apart from the availability of health and safety tools and measures, companies should also consider appropriate communication channels and direct supervision.  In the recent warehouse-related accident in the United Kingdom, the Health and Safety Executive has claimed that such incident would have been prevented if the supervisor was present on the site.  If the supervisor had been present, he/she would have noticed that the boards where the employee had been stepping on were already unstable and that, they were not fit to use.

As a result of this accident, the company was prompted to pay a fine of £20,000 for every violation it incurred based on the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  The company was also ordered to pay to the victim £5,000 for the costs incurred in court.

One of the most common causes of injuries, accidents, and deaths, in both storage and warehouse companies, is falling from elevated areas.  In fact, falling accidents make up about 13% of many injuries in warehouse sites. On the other hand, warehouse-related accidents can be avoided if companies make it a point to adhere to all health and safety regulations set by the government.  It is also important that companies ensure direct supervision over their employees as well as all activities transpiring in the warehouses.  In the event that certain government-set regulations do not cover the work setting of a specific warehouse, the company should have the initiative to implement its own appropriate health and safety guidelines.