Promoting Work Accident Prevention: How to Design Posters

To promote safety inside the workplace, safety slogans are needed. Safety slogans remind individuals about the potentially hazardous situations found inside the workplace. They should be educational to the extent that employees will be able to remember them easily. There are many places where we can see safety slogans. Most of them are provided by the government while others can be taken from online websites. Government based slogans and posters are important because they a regulated by the government and they often depict employee rights.

Proper Size and Layout

Safety slogans are often printed in posters. The posters which are placed throughout the company should easily be seen by employees. Therefore, the slogans found in the posters should be of proper size. It should be printed in a clear material like a tarpaulin or a large poster paper.  Again, the slogan posters should be high enough for employees to see them and such posters should have the proper size. When it comes to layout, it is how the slogan is presented. It can be with a picture or it can be simply the whole slogan.

Images and fonts

In terms of images and fonts, they are also important when it comes to slogan posters. Images are important in order to help attract employee attention. The images can be like a no sign, a hand or even an example of an injury. The images should not block the slogan since employees might not be able to read the poster’s contents. For fonts, it is important to use fonts which are easy to understand. The fonts should be normal. The color of the fonts should also be dark enough so that its readers will be able to understand it.

Examples of Company slogans

Some of the examples for safety slogans are hard hats are not decorations, stand up for safety, safety first or safety pays. The slogans can also have a funny and simple message like leave sooner, live longer or safety starts with me. Some of the slogans that you can use in your company can also be based in acronyms. Examples of this are KISS or Keep It Sound and Safe or STTA Stop, Think Then Act. Most companies have an ABC slogan. An ABC slogan can be anything from Always Be Careful or Act and Be Cautious.

Adding numbers can also improve your slogans. Examples of this are Zero compromise means safety, Accident Prevention – No.1 intention and Main goal is zero harm. In some cases, proper handling of equipment and devices should be added in slogans. Examples of such slogans with equipment ideas are hard hats, not for decorations; safety glasses: Eye love them; and Gloves are for hands, safety is for you.

Finally, most motivational slogans should be about proper teamwork and workplace path safety. Examples of motivational slogans are Think positive an accident is only minutes away, safety is success through purpose, safety begins with teamwork, safety is productive in business and ensure all about safety. Such forms of slogans are not only attractive but they will certainly get the attention of employees.