Preventing Chemical Injuries in the Workplace

Injuries brought about by contact or exposure to various chemicals to leave permanent scars and even cause death. However, it depends entirely upon the kind of chemical you were exposed to. Some may cause light injuries and symptoms that can easily be treated while others may cause serious ones even fatalities.

Every day we are exposed to various chemicals. Whether we are at school, at home, or at work – some chemicals are just ineluctable. Therefore, injuries from chemicals can occur anytime, anywhere. Oftentimes, exposure to chemicals will manifest symptoms over a period of time and development occurs gradually.

What are Injuries from Chemicals?

Injuries from chemicals occur when one is exposed to hazardous chemicals be it through inhalation from the atmosphere or through direct contact on the skin. According to statistics, each year, thousands of workers and employees all over the UK are reported to become ill due to exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances.

Victims of chemical injuries may experience long term and prolonged symptoms and manifestations as well as disabling conditions. Such conditions can include both physical and psychological conditions depending on the substance they were exposed to and the severity of the exposure.

Because of the serious threats associated with chemicals, the government has imposed laws and regulations governing the use and application of different chemicals and compounds that can be potentially life threatening. Companies and businesses are required to adhere to such laws and regulations to protect the health of workers and employees all over the country.

Duties of the Employer

The employer plays a very important role in preventing chemical injuries of his workers and employees. He should be full aware of the debilitating and disabling consequences dealing with industrial chemicals his employees and workers face each day to prevent accidents and injuries caused by such chemicals used by their company. They must be vigilant about health and safety of their employees to prevent chemical injuries and accidents. They should have an efficient and effective health and safety system to protect their workers from any accidents or injuries caused by chemicals.

Risk Assessment for Chemical Injuries

Furthermore, employers should carry out risk assessment within their company about chemical injuries. This will help identify any safety issue or concern that can potentially cause chemical injuries. It is also important to discuss this thoroughly with all employees and workers dealing with chemicals to ensure all reasonable and practical measures are being performed to halt any accidents and prevent chemical injuries from happening.

Exposure to various chemicals is definitely inevitable. Each day we are exposed to different chemicals at varying degrees. Some are exposed more while others are hardly exposed at all. But in any case, we are all in danger of incurring chemical injuries. Whenever and wherever we are, we are at risk of chemical injuries. This is why as much as possible, institutions and workplaces are encouraged to take chemical injury risk assessment and perform their duties well to prevent and protect workers and employees from chemical injuries.