Preventing Construction Crane Accidents

One of the common equipment that is found in construction sites of buildings is the crane. It is used to carry heavy load which an ordinary person cannot lift, and conveniently brings it from one place to another. An example is the carriage of heavy metal. Usually, the crane is lifted up very high above the ground. Hence, when something accidentally slips from the crane or when a heavy material drops while the crane is still lifted up, construction crane accidents arise. Anything underneath the crane is likely to be crushed. Anyone who receives the impact from a falling object from a crane will suffer fatal injuries.

Here are a few ways to prevent construction crane accidents from happening:

1. Certification in UK that the crane operator has passed the proper training and gained proper knowledge in crane operations.

This is very important since a huge percentage of crane accidents happen due to human error. Improper handling of the machine causes construction crane accidents. Although operating the machine does not require that the operator should have a high level of education, knowing the basic steps for handling and maneuvering the machine is a must.

2. Routine Inspection of the crane.

Before using the crane, a routine inspection should be conducted daily. Checking the operating functions will ensure that the crane is safe to use, thus accidents due to machine malfunction or accidents brought about by faulty accessories or parts of the machine will be minimized if not totally prevented.

3. Conducting emergency drills and seminars.

It is a must that the employees as well as their employers in a construction site undergo a seminar and training involving safe crane operations. Emergency drills should also be performed so that the workers would know what to do in case an accident happens. This will greatly increase the chances of victim’s survival as compared to having workers who do not know the proper drills.

4. Provide workers with protective gear and equipment.

The right protective gear can minimize the impact of a crane accident, if not totally avoid it. Hard hats, gloves, goggles and proper clothing are just some of the minimal gears that can protect the workers. Giving them the appropriate first aid kit is another way of keeping them ready for emergency situations. Rigging equipments will also prevent construction crane accidents due to falling construction objects and improper unloading of materials.

5. Construction site assessment, proper loading and signals.

Before the construction work begins, the workers should be acquainted with the location of electric lines or any other hazard that would affect the crane’s operation. Stable and flat ground is important in the construction site where the crane is going to pass through. Another important matter is that the crane should not carry load that exceeds the weight limits. Otherwise, materials might be dropped suddenly and unexpectedly. Lastly, it also helps that signals such as horns, hand signals from personnel or radios which help alert workers to keep them away from the site where the crane is being operated.