Accident prevention on construction sites

Construction Workers are Always at Risk

Construction workers are the employees who know that their lives are always at risk as soon as they step into their site. This business has the most hazardous working conditions. These workers have to deal with the constant flow of traffic, using power tools and working closely with one another. Most of these workers have great control of their balance because there are times when they have to work on top of narrow beams hundreds of feet off the ground.

Just like any other occupation or business, management need to make sure that they have a firm grasp on accident prevention at construction sites. There are more than a few common causes of accidents in this line of work.

Busy construction site traffic that includes numerous trucks coming in and going out of the construction site. Setting a route especially made for trucks or any construction vehicle will help avoid any untoward accidents to employees. Proper signs should be placed at areas where employees can easily notice and read. Warning signs regarding vehicles crossing should also be posted in the surrounding area of the truck route.

Falling debris can cause serious physical injury. Use of proper safety equipment such as hard hats and padded leather boots can help prevent any possible injuries.

Faulty machinery or electrical equipment can result in burns or serious bodily harm. Broken wires or old machines may be a possible cause of machine breakdown. Proper training and constant practice in using the machinery can help prevent any untoward incidents. Employers of this construction site should also make sure to employ qualified and certified mechanics to maintain the site’s machinery and electrical equipment. One mechanic wouldn’t do if the project calls for a skyscraper. There should be at the most 2 mechanics for every equipment or machinery in the site.

Poorly constructed scaffolding can cause employees to trip and fall down. Inefficient safety equipment and clothing may also cause untoward accidents such as overalls getting snagged on loose nails or scaffolding. Gloves or Boots that are either too big or too small may cause rashes on the skin. Scaffolding should be monitored everyday. Management should assign someone to test the strength of the scaffolding and should pass quality assurance. This equipment will be discarded in the future, but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be secured. All workers will be using this at one time and their safety should be prioritized.

Proper documentation should be done when an accident occurs. Employers should maintain a work accident report book that records all accidents that will happen in the duration of the project. A medical specialist will evaluate the situation and offer immediate medical treatment when it is called for. Employees may start to contact a solicitor to assess the accident and if employers are found to be at fault, the employee can file injury claims against the company. The solicitor, in behalf of the employee, will file the claim. The employee can claim compensation that may include loss of income or overtime pay caused by the accident, medical expenses and transport cost.