Accident Prevention in Factories

Taking risks is part of the job description of factory workers. Each day they come in to work, they have to take extra care with what they are required to do. These employees have to work with dangerous equipment that may cause serious physical injury. Management needs to make sure that these employees have the safety equipment they need to operate their designated machinery. When employers fail to keep the factory workers safe, they are entitled to make a claim for any accidents they incurred when working inside the factory.

There are numerous kinds of accidents that a factory worker may encounter in the job. Some common ones are as follows:

Accidents due to operating a dangerous piece of machinery called the lathe. Lather operators need to undergo extensive training for this machinery and employers should supply the employee proper safety guards to operate them. Some common reasons why accidents occur are incorrect or inadequate training, and faulty safety guards. Apart from this, using of emery cloth that gets caught in the machine may lead to amputated fingers.

Any faulty machine causing serious physical injury such as broken bones or trapped fingers can be prevented by placing proper safety reminders around the machinery and around the factory operation floor.

Slipping on spillage due to a wet floor caused by oil or water spillage from the machinery may also have been caused by carelessness of a co-worker.

Tripping over discarded materials or misplaced packages – placing packages in a designated location of the factory that are properly labeled may prevent this type of incident.

Forklift operators need proper training as well. Some possible accidents that forklifts may cause are being ran over, getting trapped between a forklift and shelves, faulty breaks and items dropping from forklifts.

When these incidents occur, they should be carefully documented by writing them down in a work accident record book. Information such as names of the employees involved, machine involved, description of the accident should be indicated in the report. Employees involved in an accident may file for injury claim. A medical expert will evaluate the incident and provide treatment when necessary. If the employee’s solicitor finds that the company or employer is at fault for the accident, they are eligible to claim compensation for any pain suffered due to the incident. The employee’s claim will cover compensation for loss and expenses that may include lost earnings and overtime a result of the incident, medical treatment and other expenses and any transportation costs. Most solicitors who help in injury claims such as this will work for free.

Accident prevention in factories starts by constantly reminding employees to take extra precautions. Shelves should be properly labeled and safety reminders also need to be posted around this area for consistency. Management needs to ensure the safety of their operators by supplying them with proper safety attire and equipment. Management should also offer proper training to operate the machinery present in their factories. Factories have to follow different safety regulations from regular offices. Management needs to observe regular auditing on following these safety regulations.