Accident Prevention for Farmhands

People imagine farmhands wearing their plaid shirts and their denim overalls while walking around in their rubber boots finishing their morning chores. What city folk may not be aware of is there are equal risks to raising and managing a farm. Farmers need to handle farm animals, farm equipment and machinery. Handling farm animals mean that farmers need to be face some uncalculated risks. However, operating farm equipment has certain calculated risks.

Some common accidents that may happen around the farm are as follows:

Long working hours which may lead to loss of concentration or may cause fatigue. Farmhands normally work before sunrise and just after sunset. Prevention of this incident can start by hiring more people to help out in the farm.

Ill-suited clothing or faulty safety materials may cause serious physical harm or skin rashes. Supplying farmhands fitted farm clothing may prevent this, which aren’t too tight and not too loose.

Accidents may also happen due to faulty farm machinery. Most farm owners fix their own farm machinery. This may cause some problems within the machinery inside and accidents when fixing the machinery may also happen. Accidents such as the tractor over turning or being run over by the tractor can also happen. Employing a certified mechanic to fix the machinery or regularly upgrade machinery every few years to avoid any breakdowns can prevent this.

Unintentional intake of hazardous chemicals is also considered accidental. Chemicals or substances that may be considered hazardous include dust from plants or animal compost, pesticides and exhaust fumes coming from farm machinery. A farmer sickness called ‘Farmer’s Lung’ is also considered an accident. Inhaling dust that comes from hay causes this.

All accidents that occurred within the farm will be fully examined by a medical specialist. They will also offer any medical treatment that needs immediate attention to ensure a quick recovery. When the solicitor determines that the injury happened while doing their job, the employee can file for an injury claim against the farm or their employer. Employees may be compensated for any losses and expenses that include medical treatment and expenses. It may also include any transport costs and any lost earnings that were a result of the incident.

Accident prevention at farms can be tricky, however, there are ways on preventing any accidents from happening. Hiring more farmhands mean that employers can schedule their employees to avoid any complaints of experiencing fatigue. Hiring a couple of farm mechanics to oversee the maintenance of the farm equipment can prevent accidents caused by machinery breakdowns. Hazardous chemicals or substances must be properly contained in sealed canisters or storage bins. Make sure that fresh air blowers are properly installed in the barn for better air circulation. Proper safety materials should be provided for the employees. Farmhands who need to handle livestock have to be equipped with rubber or disposable gloves to avoid any skin rashes or possible allergies. Farm machinery should also be supplied with seatbelts or lap belts for additional safety of the driver or operator.