5 Things Every Employee Should Do to Keep Safe at Work

Employers are mandated by law to maintain high health and safety standards at work. For instance, employers are required to provide insurance certificates for their employees. They are also required to provide adequate safety gear and attire necessary for the safe performance of the jobs assigned to their employees.

However, even if employers comply with every safety regulation in the country, their efforts will be rendered useless if the employees themselves don’t adhere to the safety standards. Hence here are several tips which employees must know in order to keep safe.

Know and Understand

Before starting on their jobs, all employees must know two things. First, they must know the risks of their jobs and second, they must know the policies that prevent those risks.

It’s always a good idea for employees to read their handbooks or guidelines provided to them by their employers. These guidelines most likely outline risk hazards, disaster plans and other pertinent topics relating to health and safety. If the company does not have those resources, then the employee can always approach the safety team of the company or even the employer for further questions.


Safety is not a task meant for a single person. It is the collective efforts of the entire work place. Therefore, it is important for employees to talk to their coworkers about the risks and safety policies of the work place.

Raising awareness amongst coworkers will help the identification of risks faster. Plus, teams can also generate ideas as to the preventions of accidents. Furthermore, raised awareness on the disaster plan means that if an accident does occur, everyone will know what to do.

Don’t Settle

No work gloves? Hands will NOT do. No machine labels? Guessing is NOT enough. Employees must never settle for inadequate work equipment. On the other hand, if all of the safety gear is provided, employees must not neglect them. The safety guidelines were set by the company for a reason. Safety should always be a preventive thought and not a later regret.

Report and Record

If an employee finds an unlisted safety hazard, he should report it immediately so that those responsible can take immediate action. Similarly, if an accident occurs, it should be reported at once. Employers can’t be in the work place 24/7, therefor they cannot monitor everything that’s going on all at once. Hence it is the employees’ responsibility to inform them.

Employees must also be aware of the work accident book in the company. This is a log of all the accidents and injuries encountered by the employees. It’s also good advice for employees to have a personal logbook. This way in the event that past accidents need to be reviewed, both the company and the employee have an accurate record of the events that transpired.

Get Help

Aside from the trainings and safety policies provided within the work place, it is also best if employees find out about safety procedures outside of the office. There are many articles and guides online that talk about office safety. There are also organizations and volunteer groups who provide free trainings for those willing to undergo them.

Health and safety policies and procedures have been around for decades. However, they will not mean much if employees do not practice them.