5 Safety Tips to Prevent Forklift Accidents

As cliché as it may sounds but the saying “knowledge is power” can help save many lives. The knowledge on how to prevent forklift accidents are very important as it can help save lives. Raising awareness about safety precautions and tips on handling forklift is important to prevent accidents and fatalities. According to statistics, about 66% of fatalities resulting from mishandling forklift were reduced ever since the introduction of the Fork Lift Truck Association’s National Forklift Safety Week. This just proves how important raising awareness and increasing people’s knowledge are in preventing accidents and injuries from forklifts and potentially save lives.

Here are 5 safety tips you need to keep in mind when working on forklifts to prevent accidents and injuries from happening:

Don’t Forget to Fasten the Seatbelt

Just like with cars, it is also very important to fasten the seatbelt when driving a forklift. According to statistics about 25% of forklift accidents happen due to the truck tipping over. If the driver fastens the seatbelt and locks it in place, it will prevent him from getting thrown outside and potentially getting crushed when the truck tips over him. The sturdy and durable frame of the forklift will protect the driver and prevent him from getting crushed during such accidents. Hence, make it a habit to fasten the seatbelt no matter what vehicle you ride to prevent yourself from getting crushed.

Don’t Overload

Overloading is one of the main causes of why forklift trucks tips over. Each forklift truck has a predetermined weight capacity that should never be exceeded. This means that, that is up to how heavy the forklift can only carry. Beyond that, chances that the truck will tip over increases. For better stability, make sure to put weight-bearing load far back on the truck as possible to evenly distribute the weight. Also, keeping a heavy load the mast of the truck will provide better stability as well especially when driving.

Slowly but Steadily

Trucks can be very difficult to turn on corners because of their big body. If you turn too abruptly, the truck could lose its momentum and increase the chance of tipping over. The back of the truck swings in a wide arc as you make turns which can make the truck very unstable. Make sure to turn around corners slowly but steadily. Turn without any jerky movements as such movements can take the truck off balance which can result in tipping over.

Ride Alone

Riding with more than one person can make the truck very unstable because of the added weight on the cab. It is best to ride alone even for a short distance unless the cab is really built to accommodate two people.

Always Watch your Hands and Feet

Make sure that you are constantly aware of where your hands and feet are to avoid crush injuries from happening. Some gears in a forklift are exposed and if you are not careful enough can pinch a toe or a foot which can lead to injuries.

These safety tips when handling forklifts can help save lives. Remember these when you are handling forklifts or if any of your employees are handling forklifts to prevent them from incurring accidents and injuries caused by forklifts.