What is Occupational Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a respiratory disease wherein the patient experiences difficulty in breathing due to inflammation of the lung’s airways. When people mention occupational bronchitis, it merely refers to the fact that the condition has been sustained in the workplace or due to the characteristics of one’s occupation. Although there are many cases of bronchitis that are claimed to be occupational, the fact that there are various causes for the condition makes it hard to determine for sure whether or not the disorder was caused by one’s occupation. In most cases, even if the occupation is reasonably more at risk to the condition, many factors are still taken into consideration such as the lifestyle of the worker especially those who are smokers or those who do not maintain healthy practices.

The occurrence of respiratory diseases due to one’s occupation is a long standing issue that has been recognized over a hundred years ago. In the past, it was a simple and practical statement to say that dust causes bronchitis. However, today’s technologies and the many records and studies that people now have access to are able to show that although bronchitis is generally caused by exposure to dust particles, the kind of dust particle is still a very important factor. There are some particles that pose a higher risk for bronchitis, while there are others that have been found to provide minimal to no risks at all. For example, studies show that those who are exposed to asbestos, coal, silica, talc, cotton, flax, and other dust particles are more prone to bronchitis. However, more recent developments showed that a lesser number of occurrences were recorded for coal miners despite the initial impression that the occupation posed a higher risk for bronchitis.

These recent developments have made it harder to conclude whether or not the condition is indeed caused by one’s occupation. Also, bronchitis is also seen to occur to those who are known to be smokers, those who are exposed to such irritants, and those who have histories of respiratory disorders such as hay fever and asthma.

Many people are still very interested in knowing the true cause of this condition, especially given the fact that workers are eligible to claims if it is found that the bronchitis has been caused by their occupation. However, as much as there are workers who are interested in obtaining claims for this respiratory disease, it is also just reasonable that employers will try their best not to have to pay for compensation as it will come out of their own money.

For those who are interested in obtaining claims, it is best to hire the services of specialist solicitors who are more knowledgeable and more experienced in such cases. These solicitors are available all over the UK, with many of them offering free legal advice through their personal helpline. Interested parties can be assured that they will be given professional help, with many legal service providers even proclaiming a no win, no fee policy. This means that there is no need to shell out for these legal services, and there will also be no deductions to the claims that will be received.