Articles about Occupational Health

What is an Occupational Disease
An occupational disease is said to be an ailment or a condition that is brought about by work or occupational activities. The simple method which determines whether or not a certain condition can be classified as occupational involves an assessment to see if the ailment is indeed more common in a specified group of workers than a greater majority of the population.

Occupational Health Psychology
Occupational stress and illness is very common nowadays. As people strive harder to earn a living and have a means to sustain their lifestyle, getting stressed and becoming ill due to work has become inevitable.

Benzene Poisoning and Work Illness
Benzene poisoning is a serious condition. As such, it is very important that one is well-informed of the signs that one is being poisoned by this harmful chemical.

What One Needs To Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning At Work
Carbon monoxide poisoning is more popularly known as the silent killer. Get to know what carbon monoxide is and how it can have a poisoning effect to people.

Facts on PCB Related Illnesses at Work
What is PCB? Where is this used? As a worker exposed and suffering from the effects of PCB, what steps can I take in order to make a work related illness claim?

Solvent Related Illnesses at Work
Solvents are possibly the most extensively used chemicals that workers get exposed to. In addition, it is the most unsafe. Solvents made of organic components can cause diseases such as cancer, heart disease, blood illnesses, brain injury, problems in the nervous system, injury to the liver and kidneys, and may cause sterility or affect development of children in the womb.

What is Industrial Hygiene?
Industrial hygiene or occupational hygiene is much more than what people normally think. The name suggests that this concept would be all about keeping the workplace clean from any harmful or dangerous material that can be risky for all workers and employees.

Health Side Effect of Toluene Exposure at Work
Toluene exposure at work can cause a lot of side effects. Toluene is a volatile type of solvent. It has no color, can be burned, and aromatic. It is a natural component of crude oil and is a by-product when making gasoline and other fuels.

Chromium Poisoning at Work
Chromium poisoning at work may occur without protective equipment. Chromium is not synthetic and is found in the environment lie in the air, water, soil, and foodstuff.

Mercury Poisoning at Work and Worker Health
Mercury poisoning at work can happen and a lot of employees from different industries are exposed to it. This tasteless and odorless metal element has silvery white color.

Welding Rod Fume Exposure at Work
People ought to know exposure to welding rod fumes at work has to be controlled. There were reported new changes regarding beryllium and hexavalent chromium requirements for protection.

Different Types of Acute or Chronic Silicosis at Work
Acute or chronic silicosis at work is a lung condition caused by silica dust getting into the respiratory system of workers. Silica is a very common mineral that can be found anywhere where there are sands, rocks, and quartzes.

What is Farmer’s Lung?
For individuals who are interested to know what is farmer’s lung? It is an allergic condition that is not communicable. Inhalation of mold spores that can be found in the dust of hay, grain, or straw with molds can result in farmer’s lung.

Surveillance and Monitoring of Pneumoconiosis at Work
Pneumoconiosis at work is a lung condition and an interstitial disease that is acquired related to one’s occupation and a restrictive lung disease. The word “pneumoconiosis” also refers to a cluster of lung illnesses due to breathing in of dust particles in the lungs, usually from a mining work.

Preventive Measures for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) previously known as vibration white finger occurs because of continued use of tools that vibrates. Symptoms are evident around the fingers as well as along the arms and hands.

How to Protect Against Industrial Deafness
In the United Kingdom, almost a quarter of one million workers have some form of hearing issues that result from working in noisy work places. The two common hearing problems are tinnitus and industrial deafness.

Dealing with Vibration White Finger
Claiming compensation for occupational diseases in the United Kingdom is a right for workers (manual or office) all over the country. One of the many diseases that employees may claim compensation for is VWF (Vibration White Finger), which is a condition that stems from extreme exposure to vibration.

Work-Related Tinnitus
Tinnitus is a common ear-related medical condition that may stem from the workplace. Tinnitus describes the perception of noise in both ears, one hear, or the head, of which the noise emanates from inside the body instead of an outside source.

Work-Related Mesothelioma and Its Consequences
Pleural mesothelioma, a disease linked to exposure to asbestos fibres, is a malignant tumor of the lungs or abdomen’s surrounding membrane. The incidence of this form of cancer is growing even when asbestos has been banned from the United Kingdom for a considerable number of years.

Work-Related Illnesses – Types, Preventive Measures & Tips to Avoid It
According to World Health Organization, millions of people around the world work in conditions that are deemed unsafe. WHO reported that nearly two million people die every year due to work illnesses.

Occupational Pneumoconiosis Explained
Pneumoconiosis is a type of lung disease common among coal workers. Those in the trade would often call it Black Lung, referring to the color of the coal and the organ which it affects. There are several types of Pneumoconiosis depending on the material inhaled.

What is Occupational Emphysema?
Emphysema is a long-term disease of the lungs characterized by the destruction of lung tissues and the loss of their elasticity. It is considered to be under the group of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) common among smokers and factory workers.

What Is Knee Bursitis
Knee Bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the knee. Basically, the suffix –itis refers to inflammation. Therefore bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa.

Occupational Asthma: How it Progresses and What to Do About It
Asthma is a condition whereby the body, specifically the respiratory system, experiences erratic air flow and exhibits hypersensitivity to otherwise harmless items. Asthma can be inborn or developed over time.

Common Questions About Work Rashes
A Rash is a change in the color, texture or overall appearance of the skin. Rashes can affect a specific area of skin or the entire body. This will depend on how long the skin is exposed or how strong the irritant is.

Solvent Product Exposure that Causes Occupational Health Problems in the Workplace
Solvent products, containing one or more chemical liquids, are harmful for the body. They can irritate or damage the skin and even cause suffocation. More commonly used in diluting other chemical products, solvents can be found everywhere; among households, construction sites, automobile companies and such.

Mercury Poisoning at Work: What You Need to Know
There are a lot of different cases of reported work-related injuries. One of them is mercury poisoning. Mercury is considered a natural occurring element which appears in different forms but a most people know is that it is a shiny silver liquid.

Occupational Health Psychology: Work-Related Stress and Illnesses
Occupational stress and illness is very common nowadays. As people strive harder to earn a living and have a means to sustain their lifestyle, getting stressed and becoming ill due to work has become inevitable. This is why many psychologists have argued that the field needs to be more proactive and find psychological solutions to prevent a person from suffering occupation stress and illness.

Latex Allergy at Work
Latex allergy is the result of a reaction in the presence of proteins found in latex made from natural rubber latex. This product is produced from different plant sources usually rubber tree.

Causes of Allergic Contact Dermatitis at Work
Allergic contact dermatitis at work is an inflammatory condition of the skin related to other substances that made contact to the skin. Contact dermatitis that occurs in the workplace indicates dermatitis is brought about by an exposure to an allergen at work affecting the skin.

Asthma Caused By Workplace Exposure to Various Sensitive Substances
Colophony or rosin is a typical cause of sensitization exposure to allergen at work. It has been among the topmost five causes of asthma in the workplace and in the primary ten causes of contact dermatitis.

Asbestos-Related Diffuse Pleural Thickening At Work
A major cause of diffuse pleural thickening at work is employees’ lengthened exposure to the substance asbestos. A decade or so who have been exposed are more at risk to develop the disease.

What is Frozen Shoulder?
Frozen shoulder is the term used to describe the condition in which the shoulder joint is too painful to move. In medical terms, it is known as adhesive capsulitis, which refers to the inflammation of the shoulder joint that greatly restricts motion and also results to intense and chronic pain.

What is Occupational Dermatitis?
Dermatitis is a condition of the skin where it becomes red, itchy, and inflamed. When it is acquired in the workplace, it is then referred to as occupational dermatitis. This condition is the most common form of skin disorder that is acquired in the workplace, with insurance claims reaching up to a million dollars every year.

What is Silicosis?
Silicosis is a serious condition that is perhaps quite downplayed especially considering its consequences. In its simplest sense, the condition refers to a respiratory disease wherein the affected person experiences difficulty in breathing because of amounts of silica dust that have been inhaled in to the lungs.

What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?
A chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a progressive respiratory condition wherein the patient finds it difficult to breath. On top of this breathing difficulty, those who are diagnosed with the condition also often cough out large amounts of mucus.

What is Occupational Bronchitis?
Bronchitis is a respiratory disease wherein the patient experiences difficulty in breathing due to inflammation of the lung’s airways. When people mention occupational bronchitis, it merely refers to the fact that the condition has been sustained in the workplace or due to the characteristics of one’s occupation.

What is Trigger Finger?
Trigger finger is a disorder characterized by subsequent locking and snapping of the finger flexor tendon (A1 pulley). It is also called trigger thumb or trigger digit.

Lyme Disease at Work
Lyme disease is brought about by the bite of a tick carrying Borrelia burgdorferi. In the United States, 20 thousand people were reported to have the disease in 2010 alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What is Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?
Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), commonly known as Vibration white finger (VWF), is injury sustained from the vibrations of machineries. The vibrations do small repeated damages to the small blood vessels in the hand.

What is Vibration White Finger?
Vibration white finger (VWF) is a circulatory disorder affecting the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other structures in the arm. This is brought about by hand-held vibrating machinery. Long and frequent exposure to the intense vibrations cause injury to the structures in the hand, similar to that of Raynaud’s Disease.

What is Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome?
Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome or RADS is a condition commonly mistaken for asthma. Persons suffering from RADS complain of difficulty of breathing, with wheezing and coughing.