What are the Common Accidents at Work that Might Result to Brain Injuries?

Injuries and falls can happen in just about anywhere – whether you’re at home or in school but more so when you are in the workplace. This is true especially for workers in the construction industry doing manual labour. The risk is quite high in construction sites involving high rises. The severity of head and brain injuries that is very likely to happen in the workplace can be as minor as a simple bump or as major as falling from an elevated construction site.

Common injuries like minor bruises, abrasions, or sprains do not have long term debilitating effects on an employee. However, there are head injuries that can result to permanent brain damage or worse, even death. The brain functions as a central tool where all activities originate, with the brain not performing as it should, paralysis, disability, and death could occur. When the brain shuts down, the whole bodily functions might shut down as well.

Some of the most common work-related brain injuries are the following:

Hard falls even with proper safety gears
Vehicular accidents and collisions
Being hit by a falling object or debris on the head
A structure in the workplace collapsing on the employees
Simple slipping accidents

Workers who suffer or get subjected to the above scenarios have to be given medical attention immediately for proper diagnosis. Patients who are diagnosed to have brain and head injuries might have to undergo rehabilitation and therapy, for some this could mean a lifetime of bring dependent to medical procedures.

Another worst case scenario: a brain injury can result to a patient’s loss of memory and ceasing of the basic cognitive functions. A brain injury is a life-changing injury because it can easily turn a patient into a “lifeless vegetable”.

In the simplest of cases where patients lose their memory and/or motor skills, they are likely to become isolated or even detached from society, even from their closest of families and friends.

Injuries like these can also mean permanent disability and loss of income, not to mention having to pay for medical procedures. This is a scenario where an accident book will be helpful to both employees and employers. What is an accident book?

For those who still don’t know yet, an accident book is a record of all work-related accidents. Minor and major accidents have to be entered into this book with complete details. This book will come in handy in case you, as the aggrieved employee, can claim for brain injury compensation. In the event that you cannot file it yourself, there are procedures where the immediate family can apply for it.

The employer will use this book as reference in case an employee has to miss work as a result of the accident or injury. This is also very helpful in establishing a series of gradual injury development, so it is the duty of both the employers and the employees to dutifully log all work-related injuries. Death resulting from the injury has also has to be reported by the employer to the authorities and proper agencies.

Knowing your right as an employee and knowledge of the laws will greatly help in the event of work-related injuries.