Spinal Injuries Can Render You Disable: Know the Facts

The spinal cord is very sensitive and nobody welcomes the idea of incurring life-altering spinal cord injuries whether at work or when doing personal activities. It is important for everyone, not just workers in high risk industries or those involved in extreme sports activities, to be aware of what causes the injuries and a whole lot of helpful information.

One of the most common causes of damage to the spinal cord is accidents – vehicular or work related. People who have been involved in serious vehicular accidents have had their spinal column injured. The injuries can are the number one cause of paralysis and disability, or worse can cause death. Work-related accidents especially in construction sites or in industries where workers are required to lift heavy machinery can lead to permanent damage to the spines.

In any spinal injury, there can be damages to the vertebrae, the ligaments, and worst, on the discs itself. Injuries can be traumatic or non-traumatic. In a traumatic spinal injury, there is sudden impact that has caused fracture or dislocation. On the other hand, a non-traumatic injury typically happens as a result of a medical condition like arthritis and degeneration.

Here are some of the most common causes of spinal injuries:

Major injuries cause by road or vehicular accidents resulting to traumatic injuries on impact. Workers in the transport industry are at risk like truck drivers, delivery van drivers and their companions.

Motorbike travelers who are used to go at high speed are also at risk. Motorcycle-related injuries are more fatal.

Sports injuries are said to result to about 92% of spinal injuries resulting to disability like in horse riding, wrestling, and diving.

In the work place, simple tripping or falling as a result of negligence can result to serious spinal injuries.

Lifting of heavy machineries can take its toll on a worker’s back, while symptoms might not be observed early on, the injury could gradually develop without the knowledge of the worker. There are cases when a single accident can cause a slipped disc.

How can a worker be protected from spinal injuries? In the UK, there are laws that require every employer to have accident books to use as guidelines when injuries and accidents occur in the workplace. Employers should ensure that the workplace is a safe place to be in. However, in the event that you are injured while at work, you have to understand that the law requires employers to compensate their employees once the injuries have been verified and established as work-related. On your part, you have to know what you should do and the accident book will also come in handy since this book keeps a record of all the accidents that happen in the workplace. All accidents are to be reported so that the company can keep a record.

Presentation of proof and the establishment of a work-related spinal injury will greatly depend on how accurate the report was made, or if you ever have your accident reported. As mentioned earlier, injuries can also be a result of gradual strain on the back; hence you’ll need the data to back up your claim. Learn more about this accident book and you’ll never go wrong.