Soft Tissue Injury: Treatment and Management

A soft tissue injury or STI is swelling due to over fatigue of the muscles. It’s not one of those conditions that most people are familiar with by name. In a case where you’re suffering from it and are clueless about what it is, matters become more complicated. Just be informed and you’ll know how to proceed. As much as you don’t want accidents to happen, there is nothing you can do to avoid them. To help you out, here are some facts about STI with the inclusion of management and treatment.

What it is

A soft tissue injury is damage in the muscle, tendons, or ligaments. It can be in any part of the body but usually, it is often detected on the arms and legs as a result of a contusion, strain, or sprain. The bunch commonly affected is the athletes, manual laborers, and those that work too much with the use of a body part. When the system is tired and you refuse to give it a break, you acquire an STI. Usually, the effects include mild to severe bruising, swelling, and aching and all of those can go away in time. However, try not to let the condition get out of hand because the worst-case scenario is that you lose total function in a particular body area.


To deal with your situation of having STI, eliminate stressors in your bouts. If this is impractical, try to lessen your load. Because the primary cause of the injury is fatigue, you must determine everything that wears you out and think of a substitute. It’s best to consult a doctor to see if he can prescribe medications to ease swelling. Remember that you have to take it easy and always grant yourself rest whenever your body is asking for it. If you want to be healed, do your part.


Normally, an STI just goes away in time. When you have bounced back from the tolls of stress, the pain you feel in terms of the injury should be relieved. Try to lounge for a few days and rid yourself of things that make you worry. For a short time, change your lifestyle. If swelling persists, get medical help. When the inflammation is still there, it’s a hint that there’s something wrong. Most likely, you will be advised to undergo an MRI to ascertain your condition. Based on the results of the scan, your physician will create a treatment plan for you.

To have your soft tissue injury treated, having a medical professional attend to it is best. Remember that if what you’re suffering from is work-related, you should be compensated for it. According to the UK law, it’s only right to receive a fair amount. Going to a doctor with chances of being admitted to a hospital may be expensive but because the company you’re under will provide you financial assistance, it shouldn’t be a problem. As an employee, know that a sum is waiting for you at the other end.