Articles about First Aid at Work

First-Aid for the Common Occupational Injuries
Occupational injuries are bodily damage usually incurred by a working person related to his line of work.

First-Aid Kits: Your Best Friend in Emergencies
A well-stocked first-aid kit is very important in responding effectively in cases of minor emergencies.

Dealing with Back Injuries at Work
If you have acquired back injuries from work, start thinking about what to do. Before anything else, be aware of what causes them.

A Step-by-Step Approach on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR
Injuries that a person can obtain in his area of work vary with the nature and the hazards involved in it.

First Aid in Factories
Factory workers are usually in the field of electronics or garments. Some of their responsibilities include attaching or detaching specific mechanical parts or stitching clothes, shoes and bags.

First Aid at Contraction Sites
First aid is very important at contraction or construction sites in the United Kingdom as construction workers are exposed to high risk of work-related accidents like slips and trips, falls, skin diseases, exposure to chemicals and substances, and machinery mishandling, among other accidents.

Spinal Injuries Can Render You Disable: Know the Facts
The spinal cord is very sensitive and nobody welcomes the idea of incurring life-altering spinal cord injuries whether at work or when doing personal activities.

What are the Common Accidents at Work that Might Result to Brain Injuries?
Injuries and falls can happen in just about anywhere – whether you’re at home or in school but more so when you are in the workplace.

Reporting Accidents in U.K. Work Areas
One of the main duties of a worker in the United Kingdom is reporting work-related accidents.

How to Treat Electric Shock Injuries
Every day, people deal with electricity and there will at least once in person’s lifetime that he or she could experience feeling an electric shock.

How to Treat an Ankle Injury
Ankle injuries can be a common occurrence no matter what a person’s age or occupation is.

How to Treat a Muscle Injury
Muscles are among the most important parts of the body as they are vital for the movements, both voluntary and involuntary, that people make.

How to Treat a Broken Nose
If an unwanted situation occurs with you ending up with a broken nose, don’t panic.

Three Common Causes of Toe Injury
In a case when something unprecedented happens and because of it, you end up with a toe injury, just relax.

How to Have a Sprained Ankle Treated
Accidents occur and sometimes, it results with you having a sprained ankle. In situations like this one, the best you could do is keep a calm head.

Soft Tissue Injury: Treatment and Management
A soft tissue injury or STI is swelling due to over fatigue of the muscles.

What is a First-Degree Burn?
If an incident with you ending up with a first-degree burn occurs, you should not panic.

Burns in the Workplace: How Common are They?
Burns are among the most common types of work related injuries in the industrial workplace in the UK.

Are You in Danger of Third Degree Burns?
People working in environment with extremes in temperature are in the constant threat of getting burned.

Work Related Body Aches: You may be Experiencing Musculoskeletal Injury
Musculoskeletal injury is a general term given to a group of injuries that affects that skeletal and the muscular system.

Tendonitis: What is it and How can it be Avoided?
Your tendons are important factors for body movement.

Cruciate Ligament Injury: It also Happens Outside Sports
Fans of contact sports may be familiar with cruciate ligament injury but very few people know that the same injury that’s commonly seen in American football players, rugby players and mixed martial fighters is also common among everyday people.

Bouncy Castles: Better Be Safe than Sorry
When you are a parent, you definitely want the best for your kids.

When a Zoo Experience Turns Awry
Young and old alike never fail to enjoy a day in the zoo. This is one place that most kids love to visit because of the numerous animals on display.

Safety First: Elevator Accidents
Every day millions and millions of people take elevator rides, with a lot of high rises all over the world, there is no doubt that aside from public and private transport, elevators are one most ridden.