Port Talbot Tata Steel Plant Worker Suffers Burn Injuries

A worker has sustained burn injuries in an accident at the Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot; it has been announced by the company. Tata says that there was a molten steel spillage which was being poured from a crane vessel in the continuous casting plant. Another two workers were treated for shock following the dangerous incident on Tuesday night and all three have been taken to Morriston Hospital in Swansea. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been made aware of the accident.

A spokesman from the HSE said: “It’s an initial inquiry at the moment. An inspector will be visiting the site.”

According to Tata Steel, the injured worker was in a good condition in hospital recovering from their burns which were attributable to the heat, as the worker did not have any direct contact with the molten material. His two colleagues have since been discharged from hospital. The workers were administered medical treatment by the on-site emergency services until paramedics arrived at the scene. Fire services and police services were also alerted under the site emergency plan.

Robert Dangerfield, a Tata spokesman, has said that health and safety has always been the company’s number one priority and that an investigation of the incident is underway. On the matter he said –

“We always look to learn what we can from any incident. We are working at a high capacity at the moment and are in full production,” he said.

“Our thoughts are with our colleague who’s been hurt.”

South Wales Police have established that they were called to an incident at the Tata steel works in Port Talbot at 22:45 BST on Tuesday, April 2nd.