Contractor Sustains Head Injury at National Grid Construction Site

A 24 year old contractor was ‘crushed by machinery’ at the National Grid construction site in Eade Road, near Harringay, north London this morning and has sustained head and shoulder injuries as a result. He was subsequently rushed to hospital ‘as a priority’ from the site, where National Grid, as part of a London Power Tunnels project, are tunnelling towards St John’s Wood. Apparently the man was crushed by machinery as he embarked in a tunnelling operation; however a National Grid spokesman stressed that this was not the case and that the tunnel is structurally sound.

The spokesman would not explain how or why the contractor was injured, in spite of the fact that another employee reported that he was told that another workman had been crushed and had to have medical treatment administered while in the tunnel. The National Grid spokesman stated –

‘An incident took place at the Eade Road construction site in Harringay at approximately 6am today. A contractor working at the site sustained non-life threatening injuries and received medical treatment. Our thoughts are with the contractor and we hope he has a prompt recovery. Health and safety is of paramount importance to us.’

The spokesman went on to say that work had been halted temporarily at the site while the incident is being investigated and that there “is no problem with the tunnel structure, it was an accident. The structure of the tunnel is sound.’

After the incident, tunnel workers were swiftly evacuated from the site. Fire-fighters, police and paramedics were alerted about the accident and arrived shortly after.

A spokesman for London Ambulance said –

‘We were called at 6.05am to reports of an incident at Eade Road, N4 We sent two ambulance crews, a single responder in a car, two duty managers and a London Air Ambulance crew by car, as they do not fly at night. Staff treated a 24-year-old man for head and shoulder injuries. The patient was taken as a priority to the major trauma centre at Royal London Hospital.’

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been alerted about the accident are conducting an investigation.