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Two Companies Fined More than £70,000 after Worker Dies

Two companies have been ordered to pay fines of more than £70,000 by Leicester Crown Court after a worker was killed by driving his scissor lift into an unprotected pit in a floor of a food processing plant in Ratby Lane in Leicester in 2008. 52 year old Martin McMenem from Grimsby was employed by O Turner Insulation Ltd when the accident happened , he was installing wall and ceiling panels at the time. The vehicle fell over when he drove it into the uncovered recess, later in hospital Mr McMenem died of severe head injuries.

An investigation made by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that O Turner Insulation Ltd and principal contractor Clegg Food Projects Ltd had not implemented simple safety measures for its workers. The use of a metal plate or a cordon would likely have prevented the iaccident from occurring. O Turner Insulation Ltd was was ordered to be pay fines of £22,500 with £12,806 in costs, while Clegg Food Projects was ordered to pay fines of £22,500 and £12,674 in costs.

Stephen Farthing, a HSE inspector, stated –

“This was an entirely preventable tragedy. A family has been left without a father because simple precautions were not taken to eliminate what was an obvious hazard. Both companies had a duty to plan, manage and monitor the work being carried out under their control, but failed in that duty.”

Mr McMenemy’s eldest son, 33 year old Ashley, worked alongside his father as a thermal insulation engineer for several years, but after the incident he could not continue in that career any longer. On the matter he he said –

“I lost interest in working as a thermal insulation engineer following the incident. The work wasn’t the same and I simply didn’t enjoy it any more. I miss Dad and I am upset that if I ever have any children he will not get to see them. I often think of him, and all the things we haven’t yet done. I miss getting to know him better.”